About Tesim

TESIM (Technical Support to the Implementation and Management of ENI CBC programmes) is a technical assistance project of DG NEAR, European Commission. The project provides support and guidance to the 16 ENI CBC programmes.

Support, guidance and exchange are provided by TESIM at both programme and project level. At programme level, this support aims to improve the management and implementation quality of the ENI CBC programmes. It also enhances cooperation between the relevant Member States and neighbouring countries. At project level, the support focuses on building capacity among local and regional authorities as well as NGOs, universities, educational and research centres, regional development agencies, chambers of commerce and other eligible private sector organisations in the relevant neighbouring countries.

The TESIM project activities are carried out by a core team of experts drawing on other experts and national experts when necessary. TESIM is implemented by a consortium led by Particip GmbH.




Carlos Bolaños, team leader
Iveta Puzo, senior expert
Albert Sorrosal, senior expert
Anna Dorangricchia, senior expert
Karine Leroy, senior expert
Pawel Molenda, senior expert
Carole Souville, senior expert
Edmunds Snikeris, senior expert
Klaas-Jan Reicke, senior expert
Rafik Halouani, senior expert
Pam van de Bunt, senior expert
Aisling Walsh, Communication expert
Sophie Papalexiou, project director
Jawad Wariaghli, project manager
Alessandro Calabro, project officer

For more information or questions, please write to info@tesim-cbc.eu