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In addition to its deadly toll and the long-lasting effects on the global economy, the outbreak of COVID-19 has impacted the daily lives and habits of millions of people around the world. It is not only about travel restrictions and home confinement, it is also about our working methods and the means used to communicate among us. Is it still possible to cooperate these days? Of course it is, and the ENI CBC community is adapting itself to this new reality so that cross-border cooperation between Member States and its neighbours is kept moving.

Struggling together against the pandemic

Viruses know no borders, and so does the health struggle: thanks to an EU supported project, emergency medical services are already functioning in the cross-border areas linking Poland, Belarus and Ukraine. Ambulances and respirators are available in the hospitals to help doctors fight against the COVID-19 pandemic: the equipment delivered through the RESCUE project is serving its purpose to help border communities to face emergencies across the European frontier. 

What about bat viewing to feel history?

What about going “bat viewing” at night? Sitting quietly in Luznava manor, experiencing the speed, the flying skills, the whizzing of the wings enhanced by the silence, and the waves produced by these very special nightly creatures…

ENI CBC young volunteers crossing all borders

“There is a need to show European citizens how many benefits the European projects have to offer and that they truly change lives” (Natalia Popielska, a young Interreg volunteer from Poland). Hundreds of young people like Natalia are leaving on this mission around Europe thanks to Interreg Volunteer Youth (IVY) initiative. IVY initiative offers young people a unique opportunity to participate as volunteers in EU funded cross-border, transnational or interregional programmes and projects, and to promote their concrete achievements through personal experience.

Better sea connections between Finland and Russia

From the Finnish port of HaminaKotka to St. Petersburg in Russia or vice versa for a weekend? And take your car with you too! The year-round ferry boat connection between the two ports will be developed thanks to two large infrastructure projects financed under the South-East Finland – Russia CBC Programme.

Because neighbours matter

Sharing the same planet is like sharing the same building: roof, foundations, façade are a common concern to all neighbours. People across external European borders are all neighbours to each other: they share the same building – the planet.  And as good neighbours do, they grow up together, they give each other a hand to build a better life, they keep doors open to welcome friends. Have a look at this short video, presenting the ENI CBC community as it enters the new year and all its challenges.

ENI CBC Programmes

A total of 16 programmes will be implemented under ENI CBC. They cover 12 land borders, one sea crossing and three sea basins, stretching from Finland and Russia in the north, to countries like Hungary and the Ukraine in the east, and Italy, Northern Africa and the Middle East in the south.
Here you will find news and information on each programme, including the programme strategy and participating countries.

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