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Peace beyond the absence of war:
the voice of the Neighbourhood youth

BRUXELLES – They are up on stage, finally. Under the lights, and the eyes of the cameras, in front of the whole Interreg community. Lana speaks about the activism of Georgian youth movements, Ivan touches the plague of young people unemployment in the Republic of Moldova, and Anna regrets the lack of opportunities, and therefore motivation, of university students in Ukraine. The three speakers are young, and to be up on that stage they crossed the European external borders. They are the “ambassadors” selected to represent Partner Countries in the closing day of the Interreg Annual Event, the day dedicated to Youth4Cooperation. The session is a tribute to Ukraine, to its lasting struggle for freedom, and peace. But this Youth Dialogue will not linger on the Russian aggression, because “peace is more than just the absence of war” explains Daniela Cavini, TESIM Communication Coordinator and moderator of the session, which she built after speaking at length with young volunteers and refugees across different borders between the EU and Ukraine. “What the youth want – she continues – is employment and education, the respect of human rights, the freedom to travel, to learn, to live. This is what peace means for them”.

ENI CBC project is the winner of Interreg Project Slam


From Tokyo to Paris in the blink of an eye, a journey to the birth of the Solar system and exploring heart beating in 3D – the virtual reality transforms an ordinary classroom into a place for excitement, fun and interesting learning experiences for the students. The project “Virtual Reality Unites Carpathians”, funded by the Romania-Ukraine ENI CBC programme, has conquered not only the school students in Satu Mare (Romania) and Zakarpatska oblast (Ukraine) but also the jury of the Interreg Project Slam 2022 during the Interreg Annual Event. Meet the winner!

A programming cycle against all odds:
what have we learnt from ENI CBC?

The 7th meeting of the ENI CBC Consultation and Coordination Group will take place in Brussels on 23-24 November. The meeting aims at taking stock of the lessons learnt during the programming period 2014-2020, paving the way to its timely closure, and to set the ground for the start-up phase of Interreg NEXT. Throughout the two days, programmes will also have the chance to exchange bilaterally with Commission representatives about their current state of play. Most important, the meeting will be an opportunity to reinforce the community spirit after these very difficult last two years.

80 more new posters
the cooperation keeps growing

They don’t give up, regardless of the Russian aggression. In fact, quite the contrary. Projects keep rolling, activities across border regions have restarted wherever possible, partnerships are stronger than ever and practically never stopped engaging at least in the European side. All this reflects in the revamped virtual exhibition prepared by TESIM, which is now showing 80 new projects, bringing the total amount of displayed posters to 250.

Smart strategies for economic development in R. Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine

How can research and innovation initiatives support economic development in Ukraine, Georgia or the Republic of Moldova? How can their Smart Specialisation Strategies address new societal challenges? Join the #EURegionsWeek online workshop “Smart strategies for economic development in the R. Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine” on 12 October.

Smart Specialisation Strategies are a key approach to support innovation and research, and they have become one of the most important policy processes for our Eastern Neighbours. The Republic of Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia are the most advanced Eastern Partnership countries in the development of their strategies. In the current geopolitical context, these strategies could favour their economic development and help with the new challenges in society.  

During the workshop, representatives from the Joint Research Centre and DG REGIO will present the new tools the Commission has at its disposal to support efficiently the development and implementation of Smart Specialisation Strategies. Afterwards, members from the countries S3 Platform teams will gather on a panel to share their thoughts and experiences in the implementation of these strategies. At the end of the session, there will be the chance to interact with the speakers through a “questions and answers” section.

The workshop will be held online. The registration is available here.

Date: 12 October

Time: 16:30 – 18:00

#EURegionsWeek #SmartSpecialisation

The good legacy of a nightmare

SUCEAVA – Transport from the border, accommodation and hot meals, translation and counselling services, hauling and distribution of donations, even a solidarity shop: when it comes to the Ukrainian refugees, the Ștefan cel Mare University of Suceava (Romania) has been involved in the crisis from all sides, with all its authority, through all its human resources from the very beginning.  And its links with Ukrainian academia are growing deeper. This public institution – established in 1963 in Suceava, just 50 km away from the Ukrainian border – was among the first to rush into action, and it has quickly become a humanitarian hub for the neighbouring population on the run, even serving as a focal point for UN agencies and non-governmental organisations. Around 500 between students and professors have been offering their time and efforts to mitigate the impact of the conflict on the civilians, and to sustain their colleagues across the border. It was time for the tolerant and participatory atmosphere established in the campus throughout the years to pay off.

Register to ENI CBC session at #EURegionsWeek!

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has set off the largest migration wave in Europe since World War II. Many ENI CBC territories along the EU’s external borders were challenged by the emergency, and the neighbourhood CBC family was called to act fast.

On 12 October (14:30 – 15:30) we invite you to join our info-sessionENI CBC programmes: the rise of an external solidarity tool for Ukraine as part of the European Week of Regions and Cities. You will be able:

– to enquire DG Regio on the measures taken by the EU to support Ukraine and Moldova through CBC;

– to engage directly with ENI CBC programmes on what has been done to help Ukrainian refugees;

– to discuss the impact of the crisis on the new generation of the neighbourhood CBC programmes.

This session will be held online. The registration is available here.


A place to offer kids a new beginning

SUCEAVA – Back to the future. As other projects overturned by the war, also SMART4YOUTH has resumed normal activities, and on 21-23 September a “film festival” will feature the videos produced by Romanian and Ukrainian youngsters after attending project’s workshops. At the same time, partners don’t let go of the refugees, and keep running the “mothers support group”, whilst their kids are busy with languages and arts at the “clever children” centre: altogether, about 300 people are still benefitting from this support in the region. It is definitely a busy time for the cooperation between Romania and Ukraine, whose reality is heartedly described by Vasile Gafiuc, manager of  SMART4YOUTH and president of the Association of Community Development Consultants (ACDC).

Back to project activities while caring for refugees

Refugees on one side, ordinary activities on the other: the new normality of cross border cooperation – in countries closely linked to the conflict area – has shifted to double gear. As the crisis continues, the emergency is now “embedded” into daily routine, while efforts to keep going with previously planned activities, start yielding fruits.

ENI CBC Programmes

A total of 16 programmes will be implemented under ENI CBC. They cover 12 land borders, one sea crossing and three sea basins, stretching from Finland and Russia in the north, to countries like Hungary and the Ukraine in the east, and Italy, Northern Africa and the Middle East in the south.
Here you will find news and information on each programme, including the programme strategy and participating countries.

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