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    Statistics for the Latvia-Lithuania-Belarus Programme’s 1st Call for Proposals released!

    The Latvia-Lithuania-Belarus ENI CBC Programme’s first Call for Proposals closed on 20 December 2016. In total, the programme received 245 project proposals:

    • 130 applications were submitted under thematic objective 1 “Promotion of social inclusion and fight against poverty”
    • 38 applications were  submitted under thematic objective 2 “Support to local and regional good governance”
    • 77 applications were submitted under thematic objective 3 “Promotion of local culture and preservation of historical heritage” 

    Find out more about the statistics of the Latvia-Lithuania-Belarus Programme’s first call here: http://www.eni-cbc.eu/llb/en/news/the-first-call-for-proposals-in-numbers-245-applications-received/32/776

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